Asbestos Abatement

DPC Perspective of Asbestos

Since 1981, DPC General Contractors, Inc. has been a leader in providing solutions for the asbestos abatement industry.   We have been at the forefront with innovated ideas to solve client's problems on their projects.  We have been committed to assisting government agencies, commercial and industrial sector and the private sector as well.

DPC General Contractors, Inc. has completed more than 12,000 Asbestos projects totaling $410 million dollars in more than 28 states. We are qualified to provide safe and cost-effective solutions to your asbestos and lead abatement dilemmas. Our staff is highly skilled and experienced in all facets of asbestos abatement from site analysis, preparation, remediation, through the final project close-out documentation. Not only do we help you solve your problems, but we help you solve your budgetary concerns as well.


Potential health problems relating to the exposure to asbestos

Can your exposure to asbestos cause danger to your health?  Well the answer is yes. The exposure to Asbestos can lead to many diseases.  These diseases included; Asbestosis, Lung cancer, Mesothelioma and other related diseases.  When these materials become worn or damaged, they may start releasing asbestos fibers into the air. These airborne fibers may become lodged in the respiratory or digestive tract and cause health problems.  In time exposure to asbestos can kill.


Historical Perspective of Asbestos

What is asbestosWell asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral with the ability to withstand heat.  As a result asbestos became a product that was used to insulated building because of the properties to withstand high temperature of heat. It was also used to reinforce various types of products.  These products included;  fireproofing materials, pipe insulation, roofing shingles and siding; wallboard; transite panels; partitions; acoustical plaster; and many other construction materials.



In the Fall of 1995 OSHA enforced the new revisions regarding ACMs and PACMs. These revisions directly affect you as a Building Owner or Property Manager.  The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has changed the way it looks at asbestos work and owner liability. OSHA and other federal mandates impose many duties on building owners who are now required to keep extensive records and documentation to decrease their liabilities where asbestos containing materials (ACMs) and presumed asbestos containing materials (PACMs) are concerned. OSHA 1910.1001  and OSHA 1926.1101


OSHA takes a presumptive approach to identifying ACM, in which materials and buildings have the highest risk potentials-- that is, pre-1981 structures--are primarily targeted by the mandates for communication and control procedures. If your building was built prior to 1981 all suspect material is presumed to contain asbestos unless otherwise tested. The new OSHA law requires employers and building owners & manager to take steps to provide workers a safe and healthful working environment. These include exposure assessment, employee notification about asbestos in the workplace, labeling and posting of signs, establishing regulated areas, employee training and supervision, providing protective clothing and equipment, recordkeeping and medical surveillance of exposed workers. In addition, the standards specifically require building owners to identify asbestos containing materials in their buildings, maintain and transfer to subsequent owners records regarding the materials, post signs identifying areas of asbestos hazard, and notify tenants, contractors, and other employers who may be occupationally exposed to asbestos of the presence of asbestos hazards.


Ignorance of ACM or PACM is no longer a defense

If you are having a contractor perform work on your building where there is ACM or PACM (whether they are performing renovation or repair, demolition or maintenance), you may be responsible for following correct work practices regarding asbestos including:

Proof that the contractor's workers are property trained and accredited to work with ACM and have been properly notified about ACM in the building.

*  Copies of respiratory protection, medical surveillance, and worker training documentation as required by OSHA, the EPA, and/or state regulatory agencies.
*  Notification to building tenants and visitors required by OSHA that maintenance work activity affecting ACM is under way.
*  Agreement by the Contractor to abide by all required work practices of applicable laws.
*  Assurance that the Contractor will use proper work area isolation techniques, equipment, and waste disposal practices.
*  Provisions for inspection of the area by the designated Competent Person to ensure that the area is ready for re-entry.
*  A statement of qualifications (SOQ) for each contracting company.
*  Criteria to be used for successful completion of the work (specifically, visual inspection and air monitoring).
*  Any other information deemed necessary by the owner's legal counsel.
*  Notification to the EPA and other appropriate agencies if the project involves quantities large enough to require notice.


Hiring An Abatement Contractor

Make sure that your asbestos contractor is reputable, experienced and holds sufficient insurance for the project. The lowest bidder may not necessarily be the best choice when you are seeking outside services. To obtain the quality of service you want and maintain your piece of mind it will it will be important to check:

* License, certification, and registration
* References (check all personally)
* Insurance coverage (ask for copies of policies, not just certificate of insurance
* Quality Control/Quality Assurance Programs
* Experience in dealing with the particular problem, and successful completion of    similar projects in your state
* Names and qualifications of key personnel
* Approach to the project
* Ability to meet or exceed schedule
* Financial stability
* Ability to communicate
* Problem-solving creativity

At DPC General Contractors, Inc. we provide cost effective asbestos abatement services that will solve your asbestos problems safely and quickly. Our value-engineering approach provides the most economical solutions to solve all your environmental needs.